Welcome To Monadis!

We believe in the power of unique perspectives and the inherent complexity of our world. Our mission is to harness the essence of the Monad, serving as a unique point of view, while enabling inner composability to form a holistic understanding. Delve into our insights to explore the transformative power of a Monad and the intricate dance of complexity and simplicity.

Monadis is an agile network of global consultants dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation. Here, you will find thought leadership, industry insights, and updates on our mission to navigate complexity and create systems that offer real value. Join us on this journey towards shaping the future, together.

Integrated Research, Innovation, and Development

Monadis pioneers a holistic Research, Innovation, and Development (RID) model, blending innovation into traditional R&D. We revitalize research strategies, nurture innovation, and champion groundbreaking IT solutions, transforming R&D into a dynamic, potent RID process.

Global Collaboration and Innovation Partnership

Under Julie Guégan's guidance, Monadis champions global innovation partnerships. Utilizing advanced tools like Human Digital Twin and AI, we collaborate with the Institute of Global Collaboration through its Lab to co-create solutions, bolstering and globalizing the innovation narrative.

Classical IT Services with an Innovative Edge

Monadis offers a variety of IT services with a distinctive innovative twist. Our specialties encompass IT organization and process optimization, project management, and software engineering, all underpinned by an innovation-centric ethos that boosts efficiency and growth.

Composability, Holistic Approach, and Innovation

Monadis' philosophy emphasizes composability, a holistic and system of systems approach, and innovation, drawing from the 'Monad' concept. By viewing systems and processes as intertwined, we extract unique insights and deliver innovative solutions, harmonizing the innovation-focused approach across their organization and services.

Message From Our CEO

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Monadis, the space where complexity meets collaboration. I'm Patrick Marquet, CEO, inviting you into a unique realm I've spent my life nurturing - the confluence of computational science and the intricate world we inhabit.

We've harnessed the power of 'monads' - units embodying the world within themselves - to simplify the complex without diluting its essence, enhancing our understanding of each individual entity as a holistic reflection of the world.

Our vision is rooted in Global Collaboration. We believe that each project, like a monad, is not only a complete entity within itself but also a critical component of a larger system. This principle applies as much to people and organizations as it does to technology, guiding us in crafting robust, adaptable solutions that navigate complexity.

Here at Monadis, our diverse team shares this ethos, embracing each challenge with an approach that respects and reflects the intricate layers of real-world systems.

As you explore our site, we invite you to do more than observe - we want you to engage. Participate in our mission to redefine complexity, be a part of our globally collaborative efforts, and join us in shaping the future of solutions - one monad at a time.

Patrick Marquet,
CEO, Monadis